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Who would deny the talent of Arjen Robben as one of the best attacking midfielders at the moment? None. However, people also will be difficult to refuse if Robben referred to as the injury-prone player. Therefore, he called fragile glass broken leg.

These are two circumstances that surrounded his career this mercurial wing over the last five seasons. When purchased on the official declared in August 2009, there were quite some think that Bayern Munich gamble. However, not many of them claimed that Robben is the best purchase to supplement the power they have today.

He considered going to complement the capabilities Franck Ribery on the left side of the Bayern attack. Robben is true enough skilled relying left foot when mounted on the right side.

Indeed promising immediate action came a day after official costumed Bayern. Robben melakoni sweet debut. Two goals in the match versus printed successful Wolfsburg. Robben's presence at the same time give Bayern their first win this season after three games only twice and once lost the series.

"He (Robben) will make our team more attractive," said Bayern president Uli Hoeness. "He is one of the best attacking midfielders Europe. He's always in the list of players we want. Squads would be perfect with Robben on the right side and Franck Ribery on the left side."

Robben was no less pleased to be joined by Bayern. Although initially somewhat reluctant to move from Real Madrid, he finally decided to move to Germany earlier this season.

"I felt very welcome here. Bayern are a big club full of great history and I'm glad to be here," he said.

Rose rapidly after injury
Robben with Bayern honeymoon lasted only about one month alone. When melakoni game against Juventus in the Champions League (30/09/2009), Robben lying in the middle of the field and should ditandu. Otherwise a severe right knee injury. "I think Robben injury serious enough, this really is not anything good for us," said coach Louis van Gaal.

He could otherwise be out for four weeks. In fact, to re-sod, Robben took eight weeks. Doubled from the previous prediction. He's only played as a substitute again in early December 2009.

Just recovered a few weeks, she again experienced problems in his legs. When Bayern doing exercises on the sidelines of winter break in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in January, Robben returned grinning in the middle of the field.

Lucky, both injuries were not as bad as the first. However, Robben was still save the trauma caused by injury at the end of 2009 it Septrember. So, when Philipp Lahm made a tackle him in a practice session, in January last, emotions Robben got hooked. Both got involved and pushed the argument.

However, it is just emotional moment. After the exercise, the heat was already yawning. "That's a normal thing. The exercise was like that, nothing extraordinary. After practice, our relationship was fine," said Robben told Bild.

The incident was in fact a momentum of rise pascacedera Robben. When Bayern return to play after the winter break, Robben is always revealed as a starter. In fact, not only that, his performance on the field was very impressive. Several times a inspirator success Robben Bayern won three digits.

In the last five games Bayern in the Bundesliga 1, Robben was always played in the first minute. In fact, the four most recent matches, Robben always score goals. One of them is a crucial goal that determines the victory at home to Bayern 3-2 Werder Bremen (23 / 2). Robben also contributed goals as Bayern Greuther Furth 6-2 spVgg roll in the arena of DFB Pokal (10 / 2).

Alleged that Robben will still always be approached injury is not yet incontrovertible. However, its performance on the field this season to cover up that he is a player "footed glass." In fact, as proclaimed Robben will replace Ribery in Bayern's game.

Robben was not a figure of reinforced steel and wire-like muscular Gatotkaca. He also never digodog in Candradimuka crater. However, Robben still has a talent that could make it fly higher. Talent that is able to change the "glass" to "iron".

robben profile

Arjen Robben (born January 23, 1984 at Bedum) is a wing midfielder Netherlands) which bertinggi 186 cm and body to play at Real Madrid. He strengthened timnasnya Euro 2004 and World Cup in 2006.

Presumably their parents (either father or mother, or perhaps both - both of them) is a very racist person. This is evident from Robben's first name, "Arjen" which may be close to the "Aryan", which means the Aryan race, considering that the Netherlands was inhabited by a majority of people Arya atupun mix, but the sides remain prominent Aryanya. This is supported by physical appearance Robben high, blond and blue eyed.

Mourinho's phenomenal

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let alone a team of italian intermilan classmate in Jose Mourinho's first season racing directly italian pride of the nation achieve extraordinary accomplishments in the field of European football. truly remarkable ability that belongs to the the special one.
we can only hope this success in 2010 will be maintained in the next year.