Tevez return

Tevez scintillating performance in the City during December and then make the award rewarded Barclays Player of the Month.

In eight games in the month, Tevez scored eight goals in all competitions. He also appeared consistent and always be inspired assault team.

Since migrate from sekota club, Manchester United, Tevez returned to find his best game and started becoming a favorite among fans The Citizens.

"I am pleased with this trophy because it proves that I always wanted to give the best if given a chance," he said through the official club website.

"I also want to reward my teammates, without them I could not get this trophy. Then, I'll keep trying to play my best and give the best for the City."

In the meantime, the best manager award in December acquired Birmingham City manager Alex McLeish.

hell for the visitors

Manchester Lagabola - Arsenal recorded its first defeat this season at Old Trafford. Manchester United the host managed to reduce gun the Gunners after a 2-1 victory thanks to first miss. After the two parties with the victory, Arsenal had been lost during a visit to the stable MU, Sunday (30/8/2009). This defeat came after winning first Arsenal goal by Andrei Arshavin in the first half.

MU himself managed to rise in the second round. Wayne Rooney managed to equalize from a white point. Previously, he was overthrown by Manuel Almunia so the referee pointed to the white point. The host then managed to reverse the position this time own goal by Abou Diaby. Starting from the violation of Darren Fletcher on the right ribs, Ryan Giggs sent a ball Diaby headlong into Almunia's goal. Arsenal faction had cheered after Robin van Persie's goal shook the MU in minutes injury time. Hell for the visitors, annul the referee for offside.

In those games were born nine yellow cards, six for Arsenal while three for MU. Additional thanks to these three points, Manchester United climbed to the rank of three kemenanga standings with three and one defeat. While Arsenal down to fifth position, despite playing only three parties.

Match path

Emmanuel Eboue became the first player to kick off in front of the opponent's goal area, although he was kicking the release of the 18-meter distance to the goal in the 2nd minute was wide off the mark. Arsenal got a free kick at minute 5 and was taken by Andrei Arshavin. Ben Foster jump to reach the ball, but did not catch the eye. However, he managed to grab the second attempt.

MU records first opportunity in the 9th minute. After trying it slowly to find a gap in front of Arsenal, Wayne Rooney leads the ball to Darren Fletcher who went with spurn first time. However, the direction is still rising. In minute 23, Gael Clichy mistake in front of goal could be exploited almost MU players, although Manuel Almunia and then managed to catch the ball. A minute ago, turns MU goal attempt in jeopardy through Robin van Persie and Arshavin.

MU got a free kick in the 32nd minute after Patrice Evra William Gallas dropped just outside the penalty area. Rooney free kick executed while the ball is still widening. Five minutes before the break, Arsenal winning. From the kick hard outside the penalty box, Arshavin is not well managed terkawal make goals. Foster tried to put a halt to stretch the ball but failed. Shortly before halftime, MU Arsenal tried to strike. However, no replies goals born until the referee blew the whistle signaled the end the first half.

Three minutes into the second half, Arshavin feedback from the left rib successfully led to van Persie who continued with the goal sontekan at close range. Lucky for MU, Foster was able to readily hold the ball into the goal with his foot. Chelsea get a penalty in the 57th minute after Almunia drops Rooney in the forbidden box. Almunia can and Rooney a yellow card which was also the executor of an equalizer.

Arsenal almost ahead again in the 61st minute free kick by Van Persie. The ball hit the crossbar sepakannya MU. MU turned excel in minute 64. Giggs free kick to the face posted net Abou Diaby instead headlong into his own team's goal. MU led 2-1. Other opportunities MU produced in minute 69. Ji Sung Park's new attraction in sending feedback where the overlapping Evra was waiting and opened fire. But Almunia still be secure.

Dimitar Berbatov is signed in the last ten minutes had a golden chance in injury time. From the counter-attack, Berba waste a golden opportunity when Almunia had to face in front of him as far sepakannya widened. Present a similar opportunity a few moments later. From the counter-attack, Nani got the ball at the line of fire, but ran aground in the hands sepakannya Almunia. The second opportunity was then still wasted. Arsenal actually managed to break into Chelsea's goal in the last minute by Van Persie. However, the line judge had raised his flag after seeing Gallas offside position. This decision is disappointing Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is right to leave his seat. Chelsea 2, Arsenal 1.

a fantastic reaction

Chelsea CEO Ron Gourlay said here assess former coach Jose Mourinho's team will get a warm welcome when carrying Inter Milan visit Stamford Bridge in the last 16 of the Champions League.

Mourinho does have a chance reunited with Chelsea after the draw last 16 of Champions League Uefa yesterday made to reconcile the Inter with The Blues.

Action will be very emotional for the Portuguese man because he had to carve an impressive achievement for Chelsea before polishing deposed in 2007.

A number of impressive achievements that have offered to make Gourlay said here convinced Mourinho at Stamford Bridge former Porto coach was going to get a warm welcome.

"I'm sure Jose will get a fantastic reaction from our fans. But in the end it is the opposite and we will try to win the two fight it," said Gourlay said here.

Gourlay said here also considered action of the Inter Chelsea would be fantastic because both teams are championship pemuncak in the Premier League and Serie A.

"This is fantastic. This is a discussion (meeting Inter and Chelsea) when I arrived here this morning and it happened. It's fantastic for the fans and lovers of football and it will be very spectacular. I'm sure," said Gourlay said here.