Start behave and Descending

Popular and elite club that sought to create Adebayor began to lose balance and start to grow a sense arogan and greed in his heart. Starting from the Togo national team, the team where he was always treated like 'god', he began to spearhead protests berulah with money problems have received the bonus. Actions that culminate in the pemecatannya and two other players from Timnas Togo.

At Arsenal, he also began to show attitude arogannya using terhadapnya for AC Milan. In an interview with the media, it shows a clear-clear that he will not feel heavy to leave the club if gajinya has not been raised. This directly results interview barbed terdalam every Arsenal fans. When a Cesc Fabregas-is always shown loyalty to the club with the refuse transfer gossip and news about himself.

Parahnya again, in the 2008-2009 season is a time where it had fallen far appearance. Suddenly no longer Adebayor who ran with enthusiasm and hard work. Even though print still had 16 goals from 38 appearance, he has changed. Adebayor Adebayor who is now a lazy, inconsistent, and less concentration. He now become the most stuck Offside. Offside is trapped normal thing for a striker, but if an attacker to extremes often trapped Offside only because he looks lazy to go down to the bottom. Ade is also not consistent when he was 10 must get the opportunity to menceploskan only one of them. Finally, lack of concentration makes firs-touchnya more inconsequential and any place, even passingnya often seen melenceng despite the distance of only 5 meters. This disadvantage of making the team because the flow of the Arsenal attacks quickly become damaged thereby.

Student evaluation reports were distributed to make clear that appearance is very bad for a striker. Arsenal fans feeling disappointed that due sikapnya the arogan develop further into the antipati terhadapnya. Ade has been trying to improve it with the report that he is still happy living in the Arsenal, but Gunners fans have been hurried memusuhinya. And when the £ 25 million bid from Manchester City to come and accepted by Arsenal, with the majority of fans accept that the decision opens.

Arsenal have the funds to purchase the minimum, even from the sale of Adebayor for £ 25 million itupun seems only £ 10-15 million are given to Wenger to spend. But money is not the cause of which is the main selling Adebayor, but the characters that should be held is not owned by a winner. A Cristiano Ronaldo, the players who are not notabone faithful and materialistic also still appear good for the MU even though he is eager to move to Real Madrid.

So, indeed pantaskah Arsenal sell Adebayor? um full.

"I still will undergo training individuals and still feel a little sick. I only need to set foot rhythm," the Russian firm aged 26 this year.